In 2012 educator Talora Michal teamed up with actress and filmmaker Georgia Van Cuylenburg (Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down ) to create a documentary, Four Corners, an endeavor to provide American citizens with an opportunity to speak and be heard. In an age when the perception is that only "the top 1%" is heard, the power of the First Amendment was reinforced by the decision to capture all footage with an iPhone 4 camera. Over four months, Talora traveled across America to collect perspectives on America’s most hotly debated civic issues from citizens from the ages of five to eighty-five in six states, along with proposals for viable solutions that would appeal to conservative and liberals alike.

The editorial process began shortly before the 2012 election. In reviewing the footage, it became clear to the producers that—while all participants had a strong desire for reform—there were some conflicting views as to whether or not voting is a viable means for citizen to effect major change. Many of the most passionate professed cynicism that voting has become corrupt and thus may now be irrelevant. Equally as provocative were passionate youth who were unsure if they would vote for the first time due to a general sense of unease and insecurity of their readiness to responsibly prepare to vote responsibly.

One Voice is an unscripted round table discussion that invites the viewer to join a conversation about the American voting system in the 21st century. A sampling of citizens from the continental U.S. discuss: after several elections have notably had issues (Florida, we’re especially looking at you!) should we vote, and if one does vote what is the civic duty of the American voter prior to casting a ballot?

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