Registered!...Or Are You?

Better to be safe than sorry. If you registered, or recently moved and reregistered to vote, check to see if your registration has been processed. Don’t wait until Election Day to learn at your polling location a mistake was made! Ensure you’re set to vote.

What’s On My Ballot: Every Election

In every election, The League of Women Voters updates their citizen’s resource to enable voters to create a personalized ballot, and to understand in plain language what each ballot measure means.

Who Is Funding My Choice Candidate?

Elections cost money. If it is important to you to know where the money backing your candidate came from, this is a good place to look.

Can You Believe What Was Said?

Unsure if you can believe what is being said about a candidate, or if what a candidate said is true or false? Get the facts here.

Follow Your Political Compass

Birds of a feather flock together, but each has their own mind: Just because your friends or family members may belong to one political party does not mean it’s the right group for you. If you are unsure of your political orientation, take the test.

Still Not Sure
Which Party You Should Join?

Read up on the U.S. political parties and do a side-by-side comparison of the two groups you believe you most likely align with before committing to one or the other.

Narrowing the Gap:
A Quiz to Help Pick a President

The appeal of the presidential quiz on isidewith.com is that each question permits you to share the degree to which a particular topic matters to you personally, not just “yes” or “no”. Perhaps you care about the economy, but second amendment issues are more important. This quiz permits you to share to what degree each issue impacts you as a voter and reveals at the end the presidential candidate who most likely aligns with your perspective.

Stay Updated On What’s Going On: Podcasts

As two One Voice participants mention, National Public Radio provides podcasts hourly with news updates, in addition to longer podcasts to help keep citizens informed.

Stay Informed from the Outside In: International News

A One Voice participant suggests always having an international news source—looking at our politics "from the outside in"—and BBC has minute-long updates which can be viewed online.

Make Sense of What You’ve Heard

Need a plain-speak summation of what's going on? Utilize a popular jounro source, ProPublica, to search for breakdowns: start here to answer, "what is this" and "whatever does it all mean?"

U.S. Government and Politics

A Refresher or Education You Need

Need a crash course to understand the "how" and "why" of American politics? Consider taking the free crash course by CrashCourse. View thirty-two brief Youtube videos and walk away with either a refresher or an understanding of American government. When you’re done, you can tackle economics!

"Politics" Feels Icky? Check In With
A Partly Cloudy Patriot

Sarah Vowell is not only the voice of the superhero Violet in Pixar’s The Incredibles, she is also an American patriot obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. "My ideal picture of citizenship," Vowell writes in The Partly Cloudy Patriot, "will always be an argument, not a sing-along."

A Little Media Is Good For the Voter’s Soul

Need a break from the election banter?
Add a dash of patriotic entertainment this election season.