I request I am Spartacus Entertainment send me screening and promotional materials for One Voice for a donation of my choosing (suggested amount, $36), which includes an official screening license.

I understand the producers furnish screening packages to all who request them for the purpose of continuing a national conversation about voting in America, to encourage Americans to register to vote, and consider making an educated vote in every election. By accepting these materials—for free or any dollar amount—I agree to host a screening as outlined in the materials I will receive, and commit to market the film and represent its branding with integrity in accordance with and within the parameters of guidelines provided for marketing and promotion of official One Voice screenings.

Take me to the second and final step: let’s do this thing!

Private residence
Public library
Independent/small cinema

Education (adult)
Education (youth)
Voter registration event

That would be lovely – yes, please!
Thank you, but no – I’ve got this!
Perhaps (details)

The producers humbly request a donation of $36 plus $4 for shipping and handling for the materials and license. While supplies and funding permit, no requests will be denied.